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Here Are Three Simple Ways That A Payroll Service Can Help You Run Your Small Business

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Payroll service company
You are probably an expert in whatever it is that you do for your small business. Whether this be a retail clothing shop, or a group that offers business to business solutions, you are likely to know what you are doing. What you probably don’t know how to do is calculate payroll tax deductions, figure out employee payroll, and take care of payroll processing. You should hire someone that knows Canadian payroll as well as you know your small business. This is where company payroll services come in. Company payroll services can help you pay your employees on time and correctly. Here are three reasons why you should hire comp

Give Productivity a Boost by Installing New Office Furniture

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Office relocation guide
Even the hardest and most dedicated workers need the right tools to reach high levels of productivity on a daily basis. As Mona Hoffman, VP of marketing with Kimball Offices notes, “When you give people the right tools, they’re more productive.” In most contemporary work environments, that means reliable computers, fast internet, and possibly even mobile devices that allow workers to get jobs done while on the go. However, when it comes to making workers comfortable enough to maximize productivity, business owners and managers shouldn’t overlook the furniture that they provide. Top office chairs and other items might seem insignificant, but they can have a major impact on productivity. Before ever opening a catalog or talking w

Three Tips for Getting the Best Sales Team for Your Company

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Firm recruitment
Almost 40 years ago, the insurance industry took a hard look at their recruitment process for sales reps. Their system involved a high turnover rate that was costing the industry millions of dollars each year collectively. Most estimates placed the turnover rates at 80% within three years. Yet they were able to turn this around and spend less money on hiring, and received better performance from the sales people they did hire.
Are you hiring sales reps but not sure how to do it, or what you should look for in a strong candidate? Many small businesses just starting off realize they need someone — but have little experience with the hiring part of the industry. It is o