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Three Features That Your Small Business Group Health Insurance Plan Shouldn’t Do Without

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Small business group health insurance
Employers in need of health care plans in Canada are in luck, as they only need to choose supplemental benefits. Most basic health care, including hospital and physician’s visits, are covered under the Canada Health Act. However, there are plenty of benefits when it comes to choosing, well, supplemental health benefits for small business workers. Employees that have access to comprehensive health care services may be less likely to need time off for illness, and if their children are covered, then they also don’t have to juggle work with child care. And better benefits can sometimes mean happier employees, and what business doesn’t want that?
So what essentials could your company be missing out on when it comes to choosing a small business group health insurance plan? Here are three

Parents Urge States To Legalize Medical Cannabis For Use In Young Children

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Business license for marijuana dispensary
Is it ever appropriate to treat young children with medical cannabis? A growing number of researchers — and, more convincingly, parents — think so. Maine, a famously progressive state, is even weighing legislation that may ultimately allow a parent to visit their child on on school grounds to administer cannabis prescribed to the youngsters. What is the case for using these treatments on child patients?

Is It An Epilepsy Godsend?

Epilepsy and other conditions that cause frequent seizures can be especially traumatic in young children. Although medical researchers are still looking for answers about cannabis and its role as an effective treatment for these seizures, many parents swear by it. Parents give personal testimonials, citing that c

Techniques To Improve Construction Safety

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Wire rope clamping method
Construction zones can be a dangerous place to work, with so much heavy machinery and moving parts in constant motion throughout the day. However, there are also many safety regulations in place to protect the workers and ensure that accidents or casualties are greatly reduced. One such measure is the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA), enacted in 1970, which helps make sure safety regulations are being followed on the job. They do regular inspections of the workplace and equipment each year at random and create new regulations for different kinds of jobs. OSHA recommends that construction companies train their workers in slip, trip, and fall safety. They also have a three step process to protect against falls and potentially save lives: plan, provide, and train.
What Kind of Sa