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Three Ways to Upgrade Your Business’s Branding

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Scrolling led sign
There are few worse things than when your business hits a slump. Sometimes this happens with the ebb and flow of things, but if you find that your sales have lulled and fewer and fewer people are walking through your doors it’s time to do something. Giving your business a facelift and rebranding can help. Here are three steps for doing it.
1. Redesign the Look and Logo The first step to rebranding any business is to start with the look of the business. This includes inside the brick and mortar business, but it’s really important to start incorporating that into all of the business’s advertising. Redesign the logo and make it new, eye catching, reflective of your business, and easy to understand. You might also consider adding or rewriting a catchy slogan.
2. Get New Signag

How to Close Sales Without Annoying Your Prospects

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Sales career
It’s a common enough concern among sales people: what if you annoy your potential prospect? Let’s face it, no one enjoys feeling like someone’s trying to sell them something, and most sales reps know it. People who work in sales jobs court that feeling everyday, and it can make or break a sale.
Unfortunately, selling is in the job description. So how can you contact prospects without annoying them? Here’s some sales career advice to help you do just that.
  • Do Your Research
    Before you call or contact a person, do some digging on the internet to find out more about them. Peruse their company and personal websites and check out their social media pages. This can give you insight

7 Reasons to Hire a Private Detective

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Infidelity investigations
A private investigator (PI) is hired when more information is needed to back up a specific claim or theory, and often this information is later used in court. It’s not common that a person needs to hire a criminal investigator, and before securing the services of a reputable company, you should know when to hire a private detective. A professional PI specializes in certain areas and is knowledgeable about how to gather information without breaking laws.

The best criminal investigators won’t take shortcuts and will work your case like it’s going to court, and when they have new information they will present you with their findings. If you’re interested in learning more but are unsure about why and when to hire a private de