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The Benefits of Attending Trade School

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Mold masher tools
How much does a college education really cost? Research indicates that the average college graduate walks off the stage with their Bachelor’s degree in hand a whopping $30,000 — or more — in debt. Those who pursue advanced college degrees such as a Master’s or PhD have acquire student loan debt in the six-figure range. Combined with a wobbly job market that is still recovering from the Great Recession, and college graduates have it tough.
Commonly referred to as millennials or the “Boomerang Generation” due to the common trend of moving back in with their parents post-graduation in order to save money, young college graduates are faced with unique challenges that previous generations didn’t have to worry about. For example, many college graduates are forced to take jobs that pay far below th

Four Ways to Improve Your Sales Hiring Process

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It sales recruitment agencies
Knowing how to hire sales people is one of the keys to running a successful sales firm. Without and understanding of how to hire sales people that will perform well, you’re likely to end up with high turnover and reduced profits.
Here are a few ways to make sure you only hire the best:
  1. Polish Your Job Posting
    You probably have an old template you dust off and slap on various job boards when you have an opening, but it’s important to check each posting thoroughly for relevance and errors. If the template’s been bouncing around for a while, there’s a good chance the requirements have changed or something else gives it away as less than timely. Update your posting and be sure to check for any gr

Three Things You Need to Know About an Above Ground Storage Tank Inspection

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Benefits of storage tank coating
Keeping above ground storage tanks in their peak condition is a top priority at any enterprise that uses them. From liquid fertilizer tanks to tanks that contain fuel, an above ground storage tank usually holds massive quantities of potentially-harmful substances.
That’s why the American Petroleum Institute (API) regularly inspects these tanks according to its API 653 inspection standards. Ideally, your tanks should be inspected about every five years for best results. <